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എയർ നിയുഗിനി ഒരു തടാകത്തിൽ B737 തകർന്നു

എയർ നിഗിനി
എയർ നിഗിനി

In the Federated States of Micronesia, an Air Niugini B737 crashed landed in a lagoon while attempting to land at Chuuk Island airport.

പ്രിന്റ് ഫ്രണ്ട്ലി, പിഡിഎഫ് & ഇ-മെയിൽ

In the Federated States of Micronesia, an Air Niugini B737 crashed landed in a lagoon while attempting to land at Chuuk Island airport.

All 47 passengers and crew survived the crash on Friday morning

The sequence of events remains unclear. The airline said the plane landed short of the runway. However, Jaynes said the only scenario he can imagine is that it hit the end of the runway and continued into the water.

The U.S. Navy said sailors working nearby on improving a wharf also helped in the rescue by using an inflatable boat to shuttle people ashore before the plane sank in about 30 meters (100 feet) of water.

Air Niugini Limited is the national airline of Papua New Guinea, based in Air Niugini House on the property of Jacksons International Airport, Port Moresby. It operates a domestic network from Port Moresby and Lae, as well as international services in Asia, Oceania, and Australia.

Chuuk State (also known as Truk) is one of the four states of the Federated States of Micronesia in the Pacific Ocean. Chuuk is the most populous state of the FSM with 50,000 inhabitants on 120 square kilometres (46 square miles). Chuuk Lagoon is where most people live. The main population center of Chuuk State is the Chuuk Lagoon, a large archipelago with mountainous islands surrounded by a string of islets on a barrier reef.

The Federated States of Micronesia is a country spread across the western Pacific Ocean comprising more than 600 islands. Micronesia is made up of 4 island states: Pohnpei, Kosrae, Chuuk and Yap. The country is known for palm-shaded beaches, wreck-filled dives and ancient ruins, including Nan Madol, sunken basalt temples and burial vaults that extend out of a lagoon on Pohnpei.

he FSM was formerly a part of the Trust Territory of the Pacific Islands (TTPI), a United Nations Trust Territory under U.S. administration, but it formed its own constitutional government on May 10, 1979, becoming a sovereign state after independence was attained on November 3, 1986 under a Compact of Free Association with the United State


പ്രിന്റ് ഫ്രണ്ട്ലി, പിഡിഎഫ് & ഇ-മെയിൽ

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